Keep track of your sales in real time.

Leverage the power of the multi-modular SynergyTOSS to take your business to the next level.
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What is Synergy TOSS?

Synergy Trading Operations Software Solution (Synergy TOSS) is a comprehensive business management software which is used for managing small and medium sized companies. It is a desktop, web-based and mobile application that can be accessed from anywhere across multiple devices such as desktop computer, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Synergy TOSS has a complete vision for traders and retailers, and it goes beyond a simple stand-alone POS. It is an innovative, flexible solution that is fast to configure and deploy, easy to use and provides forward-looking insights to help drive business growth.
Finance Tracker

Manage your Financial data

Streamline your business by eliminating manual data entry with accounting. Control your cash drawer and if there is a difference between cash shift balances, the gap will be found. Synergy TOSS brings together all income and expenses, calculating profits automatically.
Smart Inventory

Manage your Stock and Inventory

Simplify your inventory management with real-time update, make inventory checks, and add supplies using an interactive interface. There is full transparency when checking on your current stock. Monitor, when things are sold, received and get notifications when you are running low.

Point of Sale (POS)

Be more efficient and profitable by managing POS across all devices.

HR Management

Track your staff performance in real-time mode.

Asset Management

Stakeholders know available assets to provide optimal returns.

Marketing and CRM

Reach your client with ease and track customers in real time.


Automate your purchase process with the purchasing module.

Reports & Analytics

Transform data into insights with real-time reporting and analytics.

World-Wide Access

A safe & seamless App with access world-wide to help you stay on track.

Work and access reports instantly offline, which are kept up to date in real time as transactions happens. Check on your daily earnings, number of items sold, stock of inventory and order details.
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